Disney Twisted-Wonderland seiyuu(voice actor) info2

twistedwonderland voice actor profile2 game

The game app “Disney Twisted-Wonderland” has same Japanese character voices, here are some profiles of the Seiyuu (voice actor) and recommended anime or game titles and little extra that is not on english wiki.

Part2 is Octavinelle dorm, Scarabia dorm and Pomefiore dorm character’s voice actors.

Heartslabyul dorm and Savanaclaw dorm actor profiles are in info1
Ignihyde dorm and Diasomnia dorm actor profiles are in info3
Night Raven College staff and vocal group Night Ravens profiles are in info4

Octavinelle Dorm

Octavinelle characters are inspired by the movie The Little Mermaid.

Atsushi Tamaru as Azul Ashengrotto

Birthday February 27
He graduated college of Engineering, Department of Electronic Information Systems.
He likes music, movie and board games. He also likes chocolate and buys them on sale wisely.

Recommended anime/game
The Irregular at Magic High School as Mikihiko Yoshida(main role)
A3! Season Autumn and Winter(game and anime) as Tsumugi Tsukioka
Touken Ranbu (game and anime) as Ichigo Hitofuri

Atsushi Tamaru’s
Twitter account @atsushi_tamaru
niconico channel 田丸篤志のたまチャレ

Wataru Komada as Jade Leech

Birthday Septmeber 5
Got married in January 2021.
His youtube channel is mainly about building strong and beautiful muscles.

Recommended anime/game
Touken Ranbu (game and anime) as Yagen Toushirou / Aizen kunitoshi
Horimiya as Toru Ishikawa
orange as Kakeru Naruse

He was born in Germany, he can speak both Japanese and Germen. Also likes English conversation.

Wataru Komada’s
Instagram account @wataru_komada
Twitter account @komadawataru
Youtube 【公式】駒田航の筋肉プルプル!!!

Nobuhiko Okamoto as Floyd Leech

Birthday October 24
He likes meat and has a sweet tooth, his agency had to stop him from eating too much.
Married to Asuka Ogame the voice actress.

recommended anime/game
Blue Exorcist as Rin Okumura(main role)
My Hero Academia as Katsuki Bakugo
A Certain Magical Index as Accelerator

Nobuhiko Okamoto’s
Twitter account @ok_nobuhiko
Instagram @nobuhiko_cacao

He actually has enough info on English wiki so I want to reccomend this Youtube video.
Nobuhiko lecturing Disney Twisted-Wonderland for begginers.
It has English subs and it’s just awsome.

Scarabia Dorm

Scarabia dorm characters are inspired by the movie Aladdin.

Kazuki Furuta as Kalim Al-Asim

Birthday November 29
He is good at dancing(Hip-Hop, Jazz, Tap), acrobats, skiing, and Karate.
He can play Koto, Japanese traditional string instrument.

recommended anime/game/etc
Futsal boys as Ryu Nagumo
Yu-Gi-Oh! Sevens as Roa Kirishima
The Prince of Tennis (musical) as Ryoma Echizen(main role)

He is more known in the stage acting and musical.

Kazuki Furuta’s
Twitter account @real_kazuki_f

Kaname Futaba as Jamil Viper

Birthday April 8
He has a twin brother also an actor.
The twin has their own music unit called TWiN PARADOX.

Recommended anime/game/etc
Ouran High School Host Club(musical) as Kaoru Hitachiin
Touken Ranbu (musical) as Hideyasu Yuuki
Run With the Wind(stage) as Taro Jo

twst is his first anime voice acting with character name.

Kaname Futaba’s
Twitter account @Futaba_Kaname
Instagram @kaname_futaba

Pomefiore dorm

Pomefiore dorm characters are inspired by the movie Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Hiroki Aiba as Vil Schoenheit

Birthday October 1
He mainly acts on TV dramas, musicals and stages.
He is now known as good singer but when he started his career in the show business, singing was his weak point.

Recommended anime/game/etc
The Prince of Tennis (musical) as Shusuke Fuji
S.W.A.T. (drama Japanese dub) as Jim Street
Majestic Prince as Hitachi Izuru(main role)

Hiroki Aiba’s
Twitter account @aibatchi
official blog 相葉裕樹オフィシャルブログ

Shimba Tsuchiya as Epel Felmier

Birthday April 4
His name Shimba is named after Disney Lion King’s Simba.
Started his career when he was 9.

Recommended anime/game/etc
Haikyuu! as Tsutomu Goshiki
The Aquatope on White Sand as Kai Nakamura
Angelique Luminarise (game) as Yue

Shimba Tsuhiya’s
Instagram @simbatsuchiya_official
Manager’s twitter @SimbaTsuchiyaMG

Yojiro Itokawa as Rook Hunt

Birthday May 28
He used to be hairstylist before becoming actor.
He plays basket ball and soccer well.

Recommended anime/game/etc
Touken Ranbu (musical) as Urashima Kotetsu
Moriarty the Patriot (stage) as Louis James Moriarty
Hypnosis Mic-Division Rap Battle- (stage) as Yotsutsuji Kan-nabi

Yojiro Itokawa’s
Twitter account @yohhg
instagram @yojiroitokawa