Few things you should know about Disney Twisted-Wonderland before you play

before playing disney twisted wonderland game

“Disney Twisted-Wonderland (English Version)” game app is going to launch in January/20/2022.

Many oversea fans were waiting and finally it’s coming with english subtitles.

The voice of the characters will be in Japanese.

Official twitter account already has over 29,000 follower which means many people are excited to play this game.

But there are few things you should know about the game.

Slow Story Delivery

We don’t know how many chapters twstENG has in the beginning but after reading about 2 chapters, you will notice some patterns in the story and that will give you clues to how many chapters there will be.

Chapter6 didn’t come out for nearly a year.

Yana Toboso (the story maker, character designer, main director) has tweeted that every story goes under disney and get approved before launching so that might be one of the reason why it’s slow but it was fine through chapter1 to 4.

Also, because the game tells us that they’re going to show us the “real happily ever after” we assume they already have the scenario ready.

Sinse there is no official answer to this, we still don’t know why it’s taking time and how long it’s going to take until all the dorm chapters align.

There is a bug around paying system

I personally haven’t experienced this problem but it was quite huge problem in Japan.

When you bill for the game to become VIP member or use them for summonning cards(gacha system), the game charged twice for one summon.
Officially they did make a statement for this matter that it only looks like they charged money twice but that’s apple store payment system shows in different time so they aren’t being charged twice.

I guess some of them were that case, but there were people who were charged twice.

In Japan, people don’t normally sue these matters but many was confused and wanted to know what is causing the bug and how to get back the money.

We even have signing movement for this to be cleared and tried to move the consumer affairs agency first in august 2020 with over 8,000 peoples signiture.

They’ve been sending the complain for over 6 times.

We don’t know if the systems are completly the same but be aware of this issue might happen before you send money to the game.

The glitch that might erase your account

This problem happened atleast 4 times as I remember but somehow the app won’t recognise your account and runs like first time, please be careful if this happens, at this point your account can be recovered but if you over write them all the summoned cards and everything you played could disappear.

To avoid this problem, after the tutorial you must link your app account to Apple or something and take a screenshot of your account number and personal settings incase the linking system doesn’t work.

There were cases even after you linked the account was lost..

Too many fans could cause trouble sometimes

As any famous games or entertaining titles, twisted wonderland too has many fans. Most are good fans just havin fun. But some are too loud in a negative way. and because of how the company of this game handles problems, some became anti-fans. Or just don’t like the idea of the game or the people who plays this game.

Anti fans could make troubles for those who are enjoying the game by making lots of noise, Amongst the fans attack each other.

Please know that no matter what you see on twitter, youtube or any internet’s negative comments or rumours, that is only a few people in amount of a hole lot more silent fans. Many fans in Japan loves this game and want to have fun with all of you peacefully.

Ignore people with bad attitude or just wants to hate each other.

I’m not saying this game is perfect because clearly there are some problems and wish the company will fix them fast, I just want you to check and judge by your eyes and open mind.

Don’t let the emotions judge by some random riot chewing off trashing the game.

I hope we can all enjoy this game together soon, peacefully.

The first tv commercial aired in Japan after release