Haikyuu!! manga 10 year anniversary

Haikyuu!!10th anniversary anime

Haikyuu!! 10th anniversary coming up next year 2022!

Haikyuu!! season4 digest video

Many fans saw the latest anime “Haikyuu!! To The Top” and wondering when are we getting the next season.

People outside Japan or only watches the awesome anime of Haikyuu series may not know but the original manga story ended last year and next 2022 is going to be 10th anniversary of Haikyuu manga.

They announced that there is going to be “10 big plans” for the 10th anniversary project.

They have already revealed 4 of them and the plans are

  1. 10th anniversary key visual drew by the mangaka Haruichi Furudate(manga artist of Haikyuu)
  2. Haikyuu!! exivision is going to have FINAL run.
  3. drama based for radio by the characters, story written by very own Haruichi Furudate.
  4. New event fo Haikyuu!! collaborating with V.LEAGUE

you can check Kenma and Kuro’s new visual illustration on twitter.

I’m not going to post direct tweet because you must know it’s the illustration of them as in 2022.
It means they might look different than you see them on anime.
Click the twitter link down below if you are okay with that.

Link to key visual of Kenma and Kuro

Most of them are in Japan but the radio could be uploaded to JUMP COMICS CHANNEL on youtube.
And Like Kenma and Kuro, the other key visuals might show up on official twitter account.

Many fun plans are coming but when is the next anime?

Is next anime announcement included in the 10th anniversary plan?

Latest anime “Haikyuu!! To The Top” was the 4th season, is 5th season one of the 10th anniversary plan?

I think that they are definitely going to announce something about next anime in 2022.

Counting by the completed manga episodes left and ready to become anime, there might be 1 season with many episodes than usual anime or dividing them to 2 seasons.
I just hope they don’t rush and stuff too many in like 13 episodes or so. Pretty sure they won’t do that either tho.

Anyway, if they announce about the anime early next year as one of the plans or not, we might see the anime next winter.

Can’t wait to know what’s the rest of the plan.

Fun Fact

The main character Shoyo Hinata seems he is not good at English, Ayumu Murase the voice acter of Shoyo was born and lived in L.A. for few years.
He speaks English fluently and sings well too.

Ayumu Murase sings in Japanese and English as character with sunglasses.

10 Big Plans of Haikyuu!!

In February 2022, most of the “big plans” are revealed.

Here’s the list of 1~8 plans. 9 and 10 are still not out.

1.New Key visual

This time Tooru Oikawa’s visual(ver 2022) is out.

2.New original episode

An complete new original episode is going to be on Jump.

Looks like the story is going to be about main characters in 2022.

3.Anniversary Book

They dicided to make an anniversary book of Haikyuu!! Celebrating 10 year history.

The book title is “Haikyuu!! 10th Chronicle” and it will be out in September 2nd 2022.

There will be limited edition with goods.

4.New event fo Haikyuu!! collaborating with V.LEAGUE

V.LEAGUE is Japan’s semi pro Volleyball league.
They are going to collaborate in august 2022.

Online streaming are included in the plan.

5.Haikyuu!! exivision FINAL run.

New goods are coming out in this final run.

6.New LINE(messaging app) Stamp

New illustration for the LINE stamp by Haruichi Furudate, the mangaka of Haikyuu.

Retsu (Mangaka of the spin off Haikyuu manga “Let’s! Haikyuu!?”) version and

Kyouhei Miyajima (also mangaka of the spinoff Haikyuu manga “Haikyuu-BU!!”) version

are planned to be out at the same time.

7.Original radio with new story

Drama based for web radio by the characters seiyuu(voice actors), original mini story written by very own Haruichi Furudate.

Episode 1 releasing date is 28 February.

8.Full color digital comic & Remixed edition

Online digital version of Manga Haikyuu!! is goint to have a fully colored version!

All the same but more colorful, more dramatic!

Also the remixed edition is coming, separated by famous moments and scenes.