Will Ron Kamonohashi:Deranged Detective get an anime adaptation?

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Ron Kamonohashi : Deranged Detective is a crime solving mystery manga written by Akira Amano.

The series has been serialized since Oct 2020 at Jump+.

Since the beginning, they published this manga in Japanese, English, and Spanish.


Is there an anime for Ron Kamonohashi?

The fans are wondering is there going to be an anime adaptation for Ron Kamonohashi, including me.

It’s official! Ron Kamonohashi is going to be an animation.( announced at Dec/18/2022)

Here is the teaser.

There aren’t any announcement of Ron Kamonohashi being anime for now.

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But will it become anime?

YES and here is why I think so.

Japanese detective animation has succeeded in many titles. Like Detective Conan‘s (English title “Case Closed”) anime has been aired for over 25 years now. detective manga are popular and many has became an anime.

I actually think this manga was aiming for anime before they started the manga.

Akira Amano, the mangaka(comic artist) of Ron Kamonohashi has few popular titles that became an anime.
You might know the anime Reborn!, ēlDLIVE. And also Psycho-Pass series witch he did the character design.

The story and illust is looking good so far and characters are ready to move in anime.
Comics are well sold and the title was nominated and voted by fan in Next coming manga award2021.

Another popular manga SPY x FAMILY has just officially announced anime adaptation last month. Witch is serialized in same Jump+.
This manga made a big hit so right now they are putting lots of effort to this title but now it’s official.
Ron Kamonohashi’s anime may be next in line.

When will the anime adaptation be announced?(if there is)

SPY x FAMILY manga has started in March2019 and anime was announced in November2021, so if there is a pattern, Ron Kamonohashi started in October2020 so anime might be announced in around mid 2023.
But SPY x FAMILY could have been anime much earlier so maybe we can and hope to hear something about Ron Kamonohashi anime adaptation in 2022.
after airing SPY x FAMILY would be nice.

Ron Kamonohashi’s comics has 8 volumes and volume 9 will be out on 4/January/2023.
They have enough stories for 1 full season.

Ron Kamonohashi : Deranged Detective

Japanese Title

鴨乃橋ロンの禁断推理(Kamonohashi Ron no Kindan Suiri)

Read Ron Kamonohashi : Deranged Detective on Jump+

Japan’s manga page

[第1話]鴨乃橋ロンの禁断推理 - 天野明 | 少年ジャンプ+
TVアニメ1st Season好評放送中。 闇に埋もれた真実を暴くは異色コンビ!訳あり探偵・鴨乃橋ロンとピュアでマヌケな刑事・一色都々丸が鮮烈に謎を解き明かす!『REBORN!』『エルドライブ』の天野明による新時代"探偵"活劇!

Looking forword to see an official announcement!

You can also read Ron Kamonohashi anime adaptation article posted in Japanese.

鴨乃橋ロンの禁断推理はアニメ化する?発表と放送年を予想 - あにめんたむ