The Vampire Dies in No Time Anime season2 officially announced

the vampire dies in no time anime

Kyu-ketsuki Sugu Shinu season2 is coming!

We can see John in Anime again!

At the end of the episode12 The Vampire Dies in No Time(Japanese title Kyu-ketsuki Sugu Shinu吸血鬼すぐ死ぬ), it didn’t show any news of season 2 but they have officially announced season 2 and already booked with the same anime team.

Season 1 was quite fun and ended peacefully with no cliffhanger but it had such a high rate from fans.

they announced there is going to be season 2 on twitter right after they aired the last episode.

The opening song was stylish and fun (also the title of season 1’ s theme song is actually “DIES IN NO TIME” sang by the voice actor of Dralc)

Announcing right after the last episode means they might have the airing date almost settled.

guessing around late 2022 or early 2023

There are plenty episodes ready for anime but because of the story genre, season2 will also be 12 episodes.

excited to see them on action, Dralc, Ronaldo, and of course “our mascot John”.

We must wait until John is ready for season 2.(You know what I mean…)

who is your favorite Kyuketsuki Sugu Shinu character? Mine is Fukuma-san but I want John’s goods by my side when season 2 starts.. those are must.

FYI : Itaru Bonnoki and ONE

Did you know the manga-Ka of “The Vampire Dies in No Time”, Itaru Bonnoki used to assist for ONE, who is the mangaka(comic artist) of”Mob Psycho 100″ and “One-Punch Man”.

While they were interviewed together, ONE drew the character illustration of “The Vampire Dies in No Time” as a gift and presented to him. You can see the illust here.

「吸血鬼すぐ死ぬ」盆ノ木至が、師匠である「モブサイコ100」のONEと対談!ONEによる描き下ろしイラストも (3/3) - コミックナタリー 特集・インタビュー

Mob Psycho 100 season 3 is coming too!

Mangaka(manga artist)Itaru Bonnoki started youtube!

About a week ago Bon-Nokia started uploading to youtube, for now there is only one talk video but maybe we can see his illustration and more in the future.

It’s all in Japanese but the first video(audio) already has his humor.

Wait… he just uploaded the second video at the same time I posted this article. Don’t know why but I’m happy.

John has his own titled comic

It’s in Japanese but they don’t have much talking in it so everyone can read.